Saturday, 24 December 2016

Eggless fruit and nut cake/Plum cake/Christmas cake

What is Christmas without some Plum cake. And what is better if it is homemade. Made this eggless, moist, rich plum cake for this Christmas.
Here is the recipe

Recipe Adapted from: RaksKitchen.

All Purpose Flour/Maida1 + 1/4 cups
Brown Sugar3/4 cupI used demerara sugar
Curd3 tbsp
Orange Juice3/4 cupI used freshly squeezed
Butter1/2 cupI used Amul butter
Dried fruits and nuts1 1/4 cupI used 1/4 cup each of chopped almonds, cashews and raisins and 1/2 cup tutti fruiti
Baking Soda1/4 tsp
Baking Powder1/2 tsp
Ground Cinnamon1/2 tsp
Ground Clove1/4 tsp
Dry ginger powder1/4 tsp
Nutmeg powder1/8 tsp
Salt1/8 tsp


1. Soak the dried fruits and nuts in 3/4 cup orange juice, overnight.
2. The next day, remove the excess orange juice from fruits and nuts and keep aside. (it would be around 3 tbsp)
3. Add 1/4 cup of maida to the fruit and nut mixer and mix well until evenly coated.
5. In a bowl, add 1 cup maida, all the powders and salt and mix well and keep aside.
6. In another bowl, add butter and beat well. Then add the sugar and beat. Then add curd and 3 tbsp orange juice and mix well.
7. Ad the maida mixture to wet mixture in 2 batches and mix well.
8. Then add the dry fruits and nuts and mix well.
9. Pre heat the oven to 180 degree C.
10. Bake for 45 minutes in a cake pan covered with parchment/butter paper or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
11. Allow the cake to cool and serve.

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  1. Looks yummy , mouth watering. The receipe is simple and motivates one to try . Pri u rock.


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