Sunday, 1 July 2012

Vegan chocolate choco chip cookies

Vegan. Tasty. Chewy. Easy to make. Thats how these cookies can be described.I have baked these cookies many times and every time they turn out excellent. This is my son's favourite cookie too with choco chips and all that. The ingredients are easily available and the procedure can't be any simpler.
So here is the recipe to make around 55 medium sized cookies.

Recipe Source: vegannotweird

All Purpose Flour/Maida2 1/4 cups-
Cocoa Powder2/3 cupI used Cadbury's
Sugar1 1/4 cupI measured the sugar and powdered
Baking Soda1 tsp-
Salt1/2 tsp-
Soy Milk1/2 cupNever substitute milk with water for this recipe. I did that once and the cookies did not hold well at all.
Refined Oil2/3 cupI used sunflower refined oil
Vanilla Extract/Essence1 tsp-
Flax Seed Meal/Powder4 tspI got mine from US though a colleague. But flax seeds are available in grocery shops in Bangalore, which can be powdered
Choco chips1/2 cupOptional

1/2 cup
Optional. If using, toast the walnut.

Please have a look at the side widget for more information on oven temperature.
1. Pre heat the oven to 170 degree Celsius. While the oven is pre heating, take maida, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl.
2. Either sieve the ingredients or mix well using a spatula.
3. In another bow, mix sugar and oil.
4. Add flax seed meal and mix well.
5. Next, add soymilk and mix well.
6. Finally add the vanilla extract and mix thoroughly.
7. Add the dry ingredients mixture to the wet ingredients mixture in three batched and mix gently.
8. Add the choco chips and walnuts and mix gently again.
9. Take a lemon sized dough in the palm and flatten the dough.
10. Do the same for the rest of the dough and arrange them in a baking tray lined with parchment/butter paper.
11. Bake in the pre heated oven for 12 minutes at 170 degree Celsius.

12. Remove the tray from the oven and allow it to cool for a minute.
13. Remove the cookies from the tray carefully and store in a container. Close the container once the cookies are completely cooled.

Still not clear???? Scroll down for step wise pictures...

 Will come back with more exciting recipes soon. Stay tuned.. :-)

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